Unemployment Compensation

Attorney Brandon K. Meyer has had significant success in unemployment compensation cases.

Whenever an employee is discharged from his/her employment, the crucial questions are whether (1) the employee was involuntarily terminated, (2) willful misconduct was committed by the employee, and (3) the employee voluntarily quit.

Generally speaking, employees who are involuntarily terminated from their employment are granted unemployment compensation benefits. Employees who commit willful misconduct at their position typically do not obtain unemployment compensation benefits. Likewise, employees who voluntarily quit their employment do not obtain unemployment compensation benefits unless their quitting was of a necessitous and compelling nature.

For each unemployment compensation case, crucial factual inquiries are made depending upon the category of your case. These inquiries are made at an unemployment compensation hearing before a Referee at your local CareerLink center. The Referee Hearing is the most important phase of your claim for unemployment compensation benefits. This is where having a knowledgeable unemployment compensation attorney can be most beneficial to you.

Should you wish to appeal your Referee Hearing, Attorney Meyer has also represented clients before the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review. At this stage of the proceedings, your case is determined upon legal argument and briefs based upon the factual record created at the Referee Hearing.

Please contact Attorney Meyer upon filing for unemployment compensation benefits or when you receive notice of an upcoming Referee Hearing.